Chilling Laughs from Frayed Edges 

Psychological Horror

Mark’s first e-book anthology features suspenseful stories about people who must learn to face their fears and anxiety by tackling them head on.



​Exit in the Dark

Sci-fi/Horror Text-Adventure

In Exit in the Dark, you play as a mysterious character who has somehow woken up blinded in some kind of facility. It’s your job to help this character escape from the facility in one piece.

As a way to further the story of the game, Mark created his own Transmedia project. Take a look at the facility’s website and meet and interact with the main character of the game.


The Nether

Co/op Puzzle Platformer Cutscenes

The Nether is a PC/Mac cooperative puzzle platformer based on sibling rivalries that highlight a unique style of solving puzzles together or trying to beat a level before the other player.


The Collaborative Competition Conundrum

“Big Bang Theory” Spec Script

After Leonard’s Wi-Fi cuts out, he, Sheldon and Howard must find a new Wi-Fi spot that fit’s Sheldon’s ridiculously exacting standards. Meanwhile, while at a night out with the girls, Raj loses his self-confidence after being mocked by women at a bar. At the same time, Stuart must stock a newly arrived box of comics after promising to have it ready by the end of the Overwatch tournament.

Tammy’s Bridge

Psychological Horror

After hearing about a mysterious ghost story at Tammy’s bridge, ghost hunters, Tim and Brian take it upon themselves to investigate. However, nothing can prepare them for what awaits

This Wine Tastes Like Wine

Comedy Webisode

After discovering just where Jebediah’s headed next, the chase continues as Elle and Newton try to catch up and take back Elle’s mysterious artifact. Meanwhile, alien cops, Jace and Quincy, despite their clumsiness, are in hot pursuit after Elle.


Frayed Edges 

Suspense l 505 words

Susan’s worst nightmare has come to life when paintings worth millions are stolen from her in the middle of the night.

Chilling Laughs 

Suspense l 760 words

Experience the fear of clowns through Lee’s eyes as he faces his worst nightmare head on.

Spits on Graves 

Horror l 1,208 words

Discover the uncovered tale of the teenager, Adam, who must fight to protect his younger brother, Timmy against someone who has been gone from this world for ages.